Your First Visit

We are always excited to meet new patients. Before embarking on orthodontic treatment together, we must determine your needs and expectations by inviting you in for a consultation. On your first visit to our office, Dr Andy Wu will discuss with you the nature if your concerns as well as listen to your expectation and cultivate a treatment plan customised to your needs.

At this appointment we will

  • provide you with a complete clinical finding and diagnosis regarding the nature of the problem
  • explain the type of treatment that will be used to achieve the desired result
  • determine the most efficient time to commence treatment
  • extimate the overall length of your treatment
  • explain what you can expect at each appointment
  • formulate a customised payment plan that is suitable for you
  • and answer any questions that you may have relating to your treatment plan

We understand that each patient’s orthodontic treatment is different, and we promise to give you the personal attention you deserve. We encourage questions from patients and parents, to ensure that you are fully informed about your treatment prior to making a decision. If you are happy with everything we discuss during your consultation, we can then book in your next appointment to start treatment.

X-rays & Photographs
To help us better understand your orthodontic needs, diagnostic records such as radiographs and photographs may be required.

We will ask you to take x-rays prior to your consultation. This will help to determine the position of your teeth, jaws and soft tissues, as well as uncover any problems that may be present underneath the gums.

We will also take some digital photographs of your teeth and face. Dr Andy Wu will refer to these photos when discussing your treatment with you. We will also give you a copy of your “Before” photos to take home at the end of the consultation

During Treatment

Your initial fitting appointment
Once you have decided to commence treatment, you will be booked in to get things started. Your initial fitting appointment will be one of the longer appointments with us. Depending on the type of treatment you need, this appointment will range from 30 minutes to 1 hour. During this time we will go through with you how to look after your braces and your teeth while in treatment, a well as what to do in an orthodontic emergency. 

Getting used to your braces
Some discomfort and irritation are normal while your mouth adjusts to the orthodontic appliance. This should slowly minimize after a week or so. Any discomfort you do experience can usually be relieved with over-the-counter pain relief.

Adjustment and checkups
While your treatment is underway, you will need to come in and see us regularly for adjustment or check-up appointments. This allows us to make sure that your appliance is moving your teeth correctly as well as keep a close eye on the progress of your treatment. These regular visits usually fall between once every five to eight weeks. In between appointments, it is your responsibility to look after your teeth and braces. Please be sure to do this as any deterioration of your appliance or the health of your teeth can result in prolonged treatment time.
Orthodontic treatment takes time, so it is important not to expect any noticeable changes overnight.
It is important that you continue to visit your general dentist for your regular dental check ups and cleans.

After Treatment

The final stage of your treatment after your orthodontic appliance has been removed is called the retention phase. This phase of treatment is as important as the active phase. When your active treatment ends, we will issue you with a custom fitted retainer. Retainers are a crucial part of your treatment, as without them your teeth could move out of position. To ensure that your smile stays perfected, Dr Wu and his team will monitor you regularly for 3 to 5 years and provide follow up care after your treatment is finished. Just remember to bring along your retainers to any follow up visits after your braces have come off.